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    A plasztisz genetikája. Along a selection of research projects, which are described in more detail underneath, we will present and introduce the broad portfolio of high throughput technologies we successfully apply for diagnostic biomarker discovery and validation. As a first show case Epama prosztatitis successful non-invasive disease biomarker discovery we will present a study where we investigated and compared the genome wide methylation levels of lung cancer patients, patients suffering from lung fibrosis, patients with COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseand DNA samples derived from healthy lungs.

    A prosztatitis nem kezel

    Along this study Epama prosztatitis could identify specific methylation patterns for each of these lung diseases. When we applied gradient boosting classification for differential diagnosis of tested lung diseases and healthy controls an AUC value of 0. Our second show case comprises a study where we screened cancer patients' sera for tumor-specific antibody profiles using an in-house developed 16k protein-microarray.

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    This methodology, which will be described in detail, enabled us to define different tumor-associated antigen TAA classifier Epama prosztatitis for the big 4 cancer entities breast, colon, Epama prosztatitis and lung cancer which all showed very promising classification successes in distinction of Epama prosztatitis versus controls.

    We will further present preliminary data obtained when comparing serum and saliva autoantibody profiles of breast-cancer patients and healthy controls.